Winasun CEO Nick Kambounias checks out the arrival of the Sanitary Pads

As such, we have activated the pads in the distributor store so as a distributor you can begin placing orders immediately. As promised, we have 5 Box Sets available:

• Day Set - 19 Packets of Day Use Pads (each packet containing 10pcs)
• Night Set - 19 Packets of Night Use Pads (each packet containing 8pcs)
• Pantiliner Set - 19 Packets of Pantiliners (each packet containing 30pcs)
• Mixed Set – 19 Packets: 10 day, 4 Night, 5 Pantiliner
• Maxi Set – 17 Packets of Night XL (Maxi) Pads (each packet containing 8pcs)

We believe the pads are the most superior on the markets with 8 layers as well as containing Far-IR.

Our pricing is unbeatable at an amazing $80 per box set and the recommended retail price is $145 (GST inc).


Winasun is introducing a new range of probiotic products from Rochway to add to it's existing brands in Drion and Winacai Berry.

Drion covers five separate categories: Sanitary Napkins (Day Pads, Night Pads, Pantiliners, Maxi Pads), Negative Ion Toothbrushes, Negative Ion Patches, Baby Diapers (R&D stage), Adult Incontinence (R&D stage). For more information on these products click through the PRODUCT menu.

The Rochway probiotic range are becoming increasingly popular and compliment Winacai Berry with its superfood health benefits. 

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